Our ambition is for clients to be secure, compliant and succeeding. Our compliance and certification consultancy can enable your business to operate with full confidence.

Growing Cyber Risks

The rise in global connectivity has brought countless benefits and growth to businesses. But with success comes risk. Cyber-attacks are taking place on a daily basis and hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their approach.

A government-backed security accreditation, the Cyber Essentials Plus scheme is designed for any organisation that has systems or desktops connected to the internet that could be vulnerable to cyber-attacks – and is a fundamental requirement for any IT supplier in the UK.


Ensuring Compliance

A&O IT Group is well-practised in ensuring companies are meeting the GDPR requirements set out by the European Parliament and Council of the European Union and can help identify any gaps you may have.


Tried and Tested

Implementing ISO Assessment standards is hugely beneficial to any business, especially those requiring robust security and information management policies.

Our team of skilled consultants will simplify the process for you to become ISO certified.


Our Security Services