Protecting Your Business

Living in a more connected world has positively enhanced the way we work, streamlining processes and communications, but with this comes risk as cyber-attacks are increasing at an exponential rate. Do you know how secure your IT network infrastructure is, and how would your business cope in the event of a security breach?

Securing Your Network

Protecting businesses from the threat of criminal attackers is our passion and we’ve spent more than 23 years doing so.

Our specialist cyber security consultants operate solely with the purpose of providing businesses with the confidence that they have taken every reasonable step to protect their business, it’s networks and its data.


Our Approach to Network Pen Testing

Protecting and securing your network is a constant cycle of assessment and proactive improvement combining monitoring and targeted penetration testing to evaluate the current security status of a company’s infrastructure, whilst looking for holes in security that could be exploited by an attacker.

Testing can take place internally or externally by our CREST certified security consultants, who simulate the approach of a ‘real-world’ attacker or hacker, to attempt to either acquire as much access as possible or reach pre-defined targets in your network.


Our consultants use a wide variety of tools and techniques, bespoke to your requirements and environment, to  engage with likely targets within your network or external infrastructure. A deep-dive approach is utilised to focus on identifying chains of vulnerability leading to the overall compromise of your network.

How We Test

  • Black-box testing: We start with no prior knowledge of the network or specific brief or support from the client. This method entirely simulates the approach of real-world hackers
  • White-box testing: We have some information about your network and systems and usually some agreed areas of focus that we will target with our Pen Testing Our bespoke consultancy approach allows you to further refine the exercise to your requirements
  • Grey-box testing: We Pen Test your systems with limited information or guidance, like a topography of the network, often uncovering critical issues like admin access and potentially elevated privileges on a system that are not fully functional

Working With You

Our consultants work completely bespoke to your environment and specification. However, we operate via a number of phases:

  • Planning: Defining client scope and rules of engagement
  • Reconnaissance: Determining what open source information can be gleaned on systems and users
  • Scanning/Discovery: Identifying targets and vulnerabilities
  • Attack: Exploiting vulnerabilities to gain access, escalate privileges and obtain sensitive information
  • Persistence: Maintaining the level of access achieved or ensuring a constant exfiltration of information
  • Reporting & Post Remediation
  • Repeat, as required to gain further access to your systems

Our Security Services