How Exposed Is Your Business?

The rapidly evolving and increasing threats from cyber-attacks is putting additional pressure on businesses and business leaders (CEO, CTO, CISO) to ensure the security of their infrastructure is of paramount importance.

Mitigate Risk

Attackers often focus on simple misconfigurations and vulnerable hosts quickly expose your systems, allowing them to compromise your network and data.

We recommend making sure when you design your businesses infrastructure to factor in the need to mitigate the risk of attack and combine this we regular detailed scans and penetration tests to confirm your security is still fit for purpose.


Expert Assessment

Assessment and examination of your infrastructure will look for potential vulnerabilities and is vital to understanding what your infrastructure contains, where it’s weak and how to you can improve its security.


How can A&O Cyber security help? We use a simple project based methodology – Discovery, Assessment, Validation and Recommendations.

Our in-depth assessments of your organisation’s security situation will provide thorough analysis, allowing you to install the necessary protocols to protect your business.

Using a combination of automated scanning and manual validation, we work from the perspective of an attacker.

By strengthening your external perimeter, and ensuring your internal network is appropriately secured and segregated, we can help you defend against easily preventable attacks.


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