Can You Afford Not To Protect Your Business And Data?

Fundamental To Business

Web and mobile applications are essential business and professional tools that are used millions of times on a daily basis, they help you attract, retain and transact with your customers; a fundamental part of every modern business.

Have you considered the commercial impact on your business if your mobile and web apps went down, or if a criminal hacker had access to all your customers details?


Large Penalties

You can’t afford to be negligent when it comes to protecting your business and your customer data.

Under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) your business is potentially liable to fines of up t0 Euro 20million or 4% of your annual worldwide turnover – you need to get the correct security measures in place.


Valuable Assets

But did you know that your web and mobile apps are the most advertised and open access points into your business, and its customer data, and as such have now become a natural focus cyber criminals?

It is vital therefore your business protects its valuable assets and proactively works to identify any potential security vulnerabilities. If hackers gain access and have criminal intentions, you could face:

  • Loss of customer data, likely resulting in catastrophic financial penalties
  • Irretrievable reputational damage
  • Compromise of internal systems and network
  • Significant business interruption

Testing Throughout Lifecycle

Two key factors can reduce these risks

  • Designing your web and mobile apps with security in mind
  • Implementing regular and proactive security testing throughout their lifecycle. If planned properly these are not expensive measures to put in place, especially given the potential risks

A&O Can Help

Protecting your business from the threat of criminal attackers is our passion and we’ve spent more than 23 years doing so. Our specialist Cyber Security team of experienced and certified cyber consultants will help you identify potential vulnerabilities to keep you steps ahead of cyber attackers.

Our services are completely bespoke to your organisation, and will be bases around what you want to achieve as well as a collaborative scoping exercise we undertake which will draw on our 23 years experience.


In addition to some initial evaluation we would deploy our consultants to perform penetration tests covering:

  • Alignment with OWASP industry best practice frameworks
  • Access Control Issues
  • Cross-site request forgery and scripting
  • Malicious injection and code execution
  • Permissions to ensure your users’ privacy and device security is upheld (mobile only)
  • Reversing of the application to identify weaknesses, bypass controls and access sensitive data (mobile only)

Experienced Partners

The range of services, skills and tools we have is extensive, built on 23 years of working with large and small businesses all around the world.

When combined with a continual process of research and development, which is a key part of everyone of our consultants CPD, A&O Cyber Security offer world class solutions for your business.

For more information on what else we can include in our tests, and to discuss your unique business requirements, contact us today for a no-obligation discussion with our consultants.


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