Is Your Business Network Wide Open?

A strong and secure configuration network is paramount to the viability and ultimately the future of any business.

Securing Your Network

The quickly evolving threat represented by cyber attackers is greater than ever, with even the tiniest vulnerabilities identified and exposed.

A secure configuration review is vital to identify any vulnerabilities in the network setup and configuration before criminals do.

It is all to common for IT configurations to be based on default setup, complete with default passwords and easy-to-bypass firewalls, which by their creation create the vulnerability.


Mitigate Risk

With more than 23 years’ experience, formerly as Corsaire, and now fully embedded in the A&O IT Group, our security experts’ passion is protecting businesses from the threat of criminal attackers.

The highly skilled and experienced team can analyse your secure configuration implementation to offer bespoke, comprehensive and concise recommendations.


Our Approach

Our configuration consultancy includes:

  • Host security reviews (including network services, installed software and far more)
  • Remote access security reviews (which include a review of your remote access functionalities focused on escaping the remote environment)
  • Firewall reviews
  • Wi-Fi security
  • Persistence: Maintaining the level of access achieved or ensuring a constant exfiltration of information
  • Database security reviews

We are committed to ensuring your vulnerabilities are understood, keeping your business risks low.

Following a thorough secure configuration review, our consultants will produce detailed and clear reports outlining our findings and observations to help you secure your environment.

Simply contact our team today for a no-obligation discussion with our consultants, or request a call back.


Our Security Services