Is Your Business Wide Open?

Your web applications providing fast accessible entry routes for hackers if not built with security in mind, the law requires businesses must understand and analyse their potential cyber vulnerabilities.

Entry Routes

Working with A&O Cyber Security team we will perform an in-depth review of an organisation’s source code and will identify underlying issues in the code-base, which could be exploited by a third-party or disgruntled former associate or employee.


Reducing Business Risk

Vulnerabilities are often found as a result of many applications being built without cyber security considerations at their heart, with poor coding practices further exacerbating the potential risk of an attack.

Often development speed is prioritised over security integrity, getting it right first time will save you time and money in the event that you are targeted by a hacker.


Why A&O?

If applications are central to your business operations and drives your commercial results and customer experience, a source code review is essential and will provide you with the necessary high-level assurance needed over the development practices of your internal technical teams and outsourced partners and suppliers.

Our highly skilled team of cyber and physical security consultants can provide a bespoke service, with thorough analysis, suited completely to your business requirements.

Formerly Corsaire, our specialist Cyber Security Services team have expert knowledge of your codebase languages, and can deliver peace of mind across all applications.


Our Security Services