How Secure Is Your Business?

Wi-Fi is now a vital business tool driving flexibility, efficiency and productivity and having a wireless environment has revolutionised the workplace, but wireless networks have opened up opportunities for savvy hackers.

Securing Your Business

Real-world attackers readily exploit poorly configured wireless networks, accessing data and compromising businesses with catastrophic consequences.

They can sniff traffic, steal sensitive information and your logins to potentially access your internal network.

Can your business afford to lose sensitive material and customer data? Don’t confuse productivity improvements with data security.


Cyber Threat

Protecting businesses from the threat of criminal attackers is our passion and we’ve spent more than 23 years doing so.

Our specialist A&O Cyber Security team will quickly help you identify potential vulnerabilities to keep you steps ahead of cyber attackers.


The A&O Cyber Security Approach

Our highly skilled and experienced team of consultants analyse and provide a clear and bespoke assessment of your available Wi-Fi networks, ensuring they are not vulnerable to external attack or misuse. We do this by:

  • Identifying Wi-Fi networks, including fingerprinting and signal identification
  • Testing the extent of access to ensure Wi-Fi users cannot access unintended internal networks
  • Scanning/Discovery: Identifying targets and vulnerabilities
  • Testing for common wireless attacks
  • Determining encryption weaknesses, i.e. sniffing, cracking or session hijacks
  • Using Social Engineering to demonstrate how easy a proorly protected Wi-Fi network can be accessed

Our Security Services