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It has raised the spectre of dislocating, for long periods of time, many if not all of your staff from their usual “social” work place suggesting they work in relative isolation. This has meant working from home and it is hoped that will slow and hopefully limit the inevitable spread of the virus.

The very nature of this situation is causing firms large and small to consider the effectiveness of home working as the 'new norm', creating challenges around team effectiveness and their platforms' technological flexibility to allow large percentages of staff to work remotely, possibly until the autumn; something not all firms are properly equipped to do.

Technology and cloud based computing has moved at great speed, but with the perceived cost and the threat to potential cyber vulnerabilities, most BCP are built to fully support remote working for short periods of time at reduced staffing levels (core systems, third party systems, server access and sometime platform design can create these constraints). It doesn’t have to be that way and building this flexibility into your IT platform is no longer prohibitively expensive. These solutions are easy to integrate into your business, offering seamless access to all systems and servers, combined with desktop (and laptop) based team working tools allowing your business to continue to function effectively.

Switching to a cloud based business model, not only provides you with a robust long term solution for your business during this period of uncertainty, but also offers you greater security, stability and flexibility by moving your office bound servers to scalable, world leading data centres with an flexible IT support model that could save you money and allow you to sleep at night.


Andrew Speers

Chief Operating Officer, A&O IT Group



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