Case Study: Utilities (Water) Sector

IT Transformation Project makes a splash with this established Water Company. 

The Background

A&O IT’s client a water supply company based in South East England.

The company supplies drinking water to approximately 1 million customers each day.  Its operational infrastructure is extensive, including water treatment works, water pumping stations, reservoirs and water towers, and several thousand kilometres of water mains.  
Our client employs several hundred employees across its sites and a field engineer team.

The Challenge

Our client operates in a regulated environment and is governed by Ofwat, the UK’s Water Services Regulation Authority. The company has committed to deliver improvements to service, safety and quality standards in its supply of drinking water by 2020, which will require migration and upgrade of IT infrastructure.

Our client recognised that its internal IT team required additional support to deliver a significant IT transformation project to future-proof systems and processes. Our client had immediate concerns on how a complex IT programme would be managed, existing business continuity and disaster recovery processes and external advice on IT infrastructure investment.

How A&O IT helped

A&O IT has a systematic and proven approach to engaging with clients. An in-depth investigation was commenced which inspected current IT networks and processes, reviewed documentation and interviewed existing teams, both IT and non-IT. 

A comprehensive questionnaire, or health check, was completed to complete a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the client’s current IT environments, network, processes and capability. 

The series of recommendations presented to the Board included a programme of system upgrades and migration, additional training and adoption of new technology. Additional experienced IT resource were identified.

The results

Our client took immediate action on A&O IT’s recommendations:

  • Structural and organisational recommendations for enhancing change management capabilities were adopted, including the hiring of programme management resource;
  • Due diligence commenced to assess technical options for digitising existing processes such as billing;
  • More robust project management practices were adopted with improved Board reporting.
  • A&O IT maintains an ongoing trusted advisor relationship with our client and is working with the expanded IT team to roll-out the transformation program. 


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