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Here at A&O IT Group, we work with many organisations at the cutting edge of the IT industry. Softcat is one of the UK’s leading IT infrastructure providers and a FTSE 250 listed company. We are delighted to announce our strategic partnership – working together to provide world-class IT service. Truly Globally.

John Hellmuth, Head of Partner Management at Softcat, said: “A&O IT Group have been a long-standing partner and supplier of  services to Softcat. This Partnership solidifies this. Softcat is proud to be working with A&O IT Group as they are one of the leading IT support services and cyber security providers in the industry. The solutions A&O IT Group provide  enhances Softcat’s ability to service our multi-national customers with a range of IT support services, cyber security and logistics. Partnering together gives us a strong go-to-market offering which we are excited to see grow.”

Softcat provides organisations with workplace, datacentre, networking and security solutions combined with all the services required to design, deliver and support these on premise or in the cloud. A&O IT Group’s ability to provide rapid deployment of bespoke IT support solutions anywhere in the world, backed up by robust service desk capabilities, project management and global logistics, means we are ideally placed to work together to fulfil their customers’ needs.

Mat Wilkinson, Director of Client Acquisition at A&O IT Group, said: “A&O IT Group have decades of heritage and experience in servicing some of the largest IT Service providers across the globe. To be recognised by Softcat, a FTSE 250 company, affirms the hard work and dedication our global teams show to provide the best possible Outcomes from their Actions. We look forward to the future with Softcat and are proud of our affiliation.” 

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