Designed To Support Your Business

A&O IT provides a comprehensive IT service that offers our clients flexibility, scalability and support when and where it is most needed. Our services range from remote service desk support, including service desk chat, all the way to dedicated on-site engineers, IT asset inventory audits and forensic cybersecurity data breath-testing. We are specialists in global reach with local service for large and mid-sized businesses, and our partners allow us to be on hand 24/7 around the globe.

Improve Profitability

A&O IT ensures that your business IT systems are streamlined and adapted to fit your business requirements, and are not causing unnecessary delays to processes or interrupting workforce activities. We help you establish the optimum set-up for your IT processes, and then work closely with your IT teams to improve efficiency, from IT asset management to reduced IT support costs.


Adding Business Value

A&O IT has a long-standing history of delivering consistently excellent service quality for our clients. Through intelligent IT monitoring services and highly skilled support teams based throughout the world, we provide 24/7 tech support. We help our clients understand how IT assets can be used more efficiently and identify where infrastructure improvements will deliver better, more cost-effective performance and results.


Your IT Business Partner

We are more than just an IT services provider; we will operate as your global and local IT support partner. Our goal is to deliver lean and high performing IT services for every part of your business. We find success in reducing your IT costs and aim to create a more efficient system that works for your business when you need it most. We do this by proactively monitoring your systems, fixing any problems before they become an issue. Not only that, we also help to educate your employees and clients by sharing knowledge and effectively becoming part of your internal IT team.


Our Service Commitment

Our end user support services have four client-focused goals.

Service Level Agreements

Every engineer is measured against the Service Level Agreements for your business.

A Consistent Service Globally

Your business will received consistent, high quality end user support wherever you are located.

Global Compliance

Every IT engineer is trained to have a unique insight into your managed IT support requirements.

Local Language Support

Our engineers speak local language and technical English.

Our Core Services

A&O IT provides a comprehensive suite of IT managed services for global outsourcers and large and mid-sized businesses globally.