Our Expert Mobile Field Force

Our highly skilled IT engineers are the people on the ground, providing our clients with 24/7 coverage on a global scale. Working closely with our project delivery teams and service desk, we deliver a consistent and reliable service that works flexibly around you and your business.

Full-Time Engineers

Our full-time IT engineers take on the responsibility of your teams. If you require help with an any large IT project, or you need a team of engineers to work as your IT department, then we are on hand to help. Our full-time IT engineers are fully briefed and ready to go on a project using our unique IT training software, TrainView. This allows us to fully integrate engineers within your business with minimal disturbance to your day to day activities.


Break-Fix Engineers

Our dispatch engineers are the emergency services of IT support. If your printers are down or your server has stopped working, our engineers are on hand to help. All our IT break-fix engineers are up to date with the latest training and information about our clients’ IT technologies, networks and processes so that we can offer a streamlined service with minimal disruption to your business.


Real-Time Service Updates

Using our unique IT service management software, FieldView, our IT engineers can effectively manage their workloads, provide real-time updates to their clients and quickly resolve any IT issues that may arise.


A&O IT's Service Commitment For Your Business

Our goal for your business is complete end-user satisfaction with our service.

Real-Time IT Fixes

Our engineers manage and resolve IT issues in real-time 24/7 wherever you are located.

Stressless IT Support

We take control and responsibility for seamless IT support.

Your IT Just Works

Our complete focus is end customer satisfaction backed by robust SLAs.