Planning Your IT Service Transition

A&O IT has a wealth of experience and over the years has configured, installed, upgraded and removed hundreds of IT assets, working with some of the most recognised brands in the retail, finance and manufacturing industries across the world. Each of these clients, no matter what the size, will go through a period of service transition to ensure the success and smooth transition of a project.

Onboarding New Clients

Service transition is an important element of any new project. At A&O IT we understand that each client project is unique and therefore requires a period of onboarding to determine the processes, timescales, and reporting requirements. We take time to understand your business needs, agree SLAs, introduce our teams and procure any tools or equipment needed, so we can get started on your project.


Real-time Reporting

A&O IT believes in an open project reporting and full transparency for our clients. With our FieldView global service management system you can track your project against plan in real-time. Our goal is an excellent service on time and on budget.


Our Recipe For Successful Service Transitions

A&O IT provides IT managed services to global brands and outsourcers and has undertaken successful end-to-end service transitions for large and mid-sized businesses.

Scoping Your Project

Detailed on-site analysis and scoping of your requirements with comprehensive project plans. We'll manage storage and logistics management of your new IT assets.

Logistics Management

We'll plan and implement set-up and configuration of all hardware and devices prior to installation on-site or deployment across your business.

Installation And Testing

We'll install all hardware and devices and then test and evaluate. Unwanted IT assets will be disposed of using environmentally compliant recycling with Tes-amm.

Successful Handover

Your team will be fully trained. All licences, warranties and documentation are handed over and ongoing support and maintenance will be operational, if required.