Improve Profitability With Smart IT Support

Our team of experts can help you identify where IT costs can be reduced, systems performance can be increased, and resource deployed more effectively. We work with many of the world’s largest outsourcers and brands and can scale our services and advice to suit your business needs.

Why A&O IT For Managed Services

Business excellence, customer focus and continuous improvement - all reasons why A&O IT is your trusted partner for IT managed services.

Global Support, Local Delivery

Recognised track record in global service delivery in more than 100 countries.

Improved Productivity And Reduced Risk

Remote fix and unrivalled 24/7 break-fix support coverage will keep your business running and your end users happy.

Improved Service At Lower Cost

Consistent SLA delivery, competitively priced and aligned with your business challenges: costs, risks and customer satisfaction.

Health Check Your IT

We’ll help you identify and understand your business IT systems and services. Running a full IT health check on your current infrastructure can identify issues with your IT environments that you may be unaware of. For example, your business may be exposed to cyber threats because patches have not been applied correctly, or hardware may be running low on disk space.


Supporting Business Growth

We can provide a complete end-to-end trusted managed service that scales as you grow and can instantly support your IT requirements from day one. Let us make your IT more manageable and tailor a service to suit your business needs.


Our IT Managed Services

Flexible, comprehensive, responsive and global. A&O IT has the reputation, knowledge and reach to be your IT Partner of Choice.