Increase Business Productivity

Patch management, hardware failures, CPU and memory usage are just a few things that need to be continually monitored and maintained. Our proactive network monitoring service can isolate problems and fix them before they impact your business, resulting in increased productivity.

24/7 Infrastructure Monitoring

Wouldn’t you prefer to know ahead of time about a forthcoming crisis? Why wait until your server crashes to implement a solution? With our 24/7 proactive network monitoring we can analyse your IT performance and run a range of health checks providing you with a clear status report that you can act upon.


IT Health Reporting

With our tailored reporting you can have a clear and up-to-date insight into the status of your infrastructure. Looking at details such at patch statuses, RAM usage, critical event management and disk space allows the quick and efficient management of any issues. Taking a proactive approach to your IT also allows you to make changes, so if you can see that disk space is running low or you have high CPU usage on certain days then you can proactively take steps to fix issues ahead of a crisis.


Why A&O IT For Managed Services

Business excellence, customer focus and continuous improvement - all reasons why A&O IT is your trusted partner for IT managed services.

Global Support, Local Delivery

Recognised track record in global service delivery in more than 100 countries.

Improved Productivity And Reduced Risk

Remote fix and unrivalled 24/7 break-fix support coverage will keep your business running and your end users happy.

Improved Service At Lower Cost

Consistent SLA delivery, competitively priced and aligned with your business challenges: costs, risks and customer satisfaction.

Our IT Managed Services