Command And Control End User Access

User access management is an essential component of any IT managed service. 100% control and full visibility of every user on your network, and the ability to proactively manage a hierarchy of user access permissions, underpins network security and data protection.

Proactive Management

With A&O IT's user access management solutions we can effectively police your network, identifying when a user is logging on to your system, where they are and who they are. Working remotely, we can authorise admin rights, block users and monitor their activity, giving you peace of mind that access to your mission critical business assets is secure and customer data and IP is protected.


Application Monitoring

Do you want to stop your employees accessing applications such as Facebook? Or do you want to make sure none of your users can visit inappropriate sites such as terrorism related content? We can manage all access permissions remotely as well as reporting on attempted breaches, helping you to identify any user-access issues.


Why A&O IT For Managed Services

Business excellence, customer focus and continuous improvement - all reasons why A&O IT is your trusted partner for IT managed services.

Global Support, Local Delivery

Recognised track record in global service delivery in more than 100 countries.

Improved Productivity And Reduced Risk

Remote fix and unrivalled 24/7 break-fix support coverage will keep your business running and your end users happy.

Improved Service At Lower Cost

Consistent SLA delivery, competitively priced and aligned with your business challenges: costs, risks and customer satisfaction.

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