Securing Your Digital Channels

A&O IT’s web application security services use a full spectrum of IT cyber security instruments to ensure your web applications are fully protected, and proactively monitored and tested against the highest threat levels.

Web Application Assessments

A&O IT's team of IT security experts, Corsaire, will test common functionality within your web applications as well as the robustness of your apps by testing potential hijack vulnerabilities. Our tests include: assessing the security level of search forms and other forms that include user-supplied input such as Facebook comments; testing the code between your web application and supporting databases, such as SQL; deploying cross-site scripting (XSS); testing every access control and conducting an in-depth analysis of your business control and logic flaws. We ensure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to your IT security procedures.



Using comprehensive testing methodology aligned to OWASP, our team of highly skilled IT experts will deliver a full technical report that gives you a 360° overview of your infrastructure with live status of your web application security. We’ll outline any actions needed to prevent breaches in your systems with detailed remediation advice and information about how to manage potential exposure risks and trending threats. We’ll advise on what you need to do next, including where we can add most assurance to help protect your business going forward.


Our Security Services