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Keep Ahead Of IT Security Threats

Managing your IT security is a priority for every business; the fast-paced cyber security landscape requires continual assessment of your IT infrastructure. A&O IT owns Corsaire, a CREST and CE-Plus accredited specialist in global IT security with unrivalled expertise in identifying and nullifying IT threats.

IT Security Assurance from A&O IT

A&O IT's security division, Corsaire, helped create the OWASP standards, the foundations of strong global IT security governance.

Continual Assessment Of Risk

Cybersecurity risks are ever-present. Continual and proactive assessment protects your business with our 24/7 computer tech support teams on hand.

Indepth Penetration Testing

The A&O IT Scanwise platform provides the most comprehensive integrated test coverage available.

Real World Testing With Red Teaming

The ultimate penetration test for your business: physical, cyber, people and networks.

Robust Test Methodologies

Consistent and comprehensive test coverage developed over 50 man years to provide an in-depth analysis of your existing IT security across all networks and devices.

Understand IT Security Threats

We can identify potential threats to your business, and help you manage the risks through our cybersecurity services. Any significant changes to your environment need to be managed to ensure you don’t open up your business to a potential cyber-attack that may cost you precious time and money to overcome. Using real-life scenarios, we assess your cybersecurity risks. Our tested methodology is well defined, tuned and developed over many years. Using sophisticated analysis and reporting enables us to provide assurance that your business is secure.


Assess Your Internal Threats

The end user – your employees – are often the biggest risk associated with a cybersecurity breach when they may innocently fall victim to inconspicuous cyber risks, such as hazardous emails. Using Secure Development Lifecycle Training (SDLC), our specialist IT partners, we offer in-house workshops to teach and train your teams on how to keep their data and your network safe using industry best practices, using real-world examples.


Review Your Infrastructure

Our vulnerability assessment software, ScanWise, enables us to quickly look for known vulnerabilities and exploits in your infrastructure, giving you a comprehensive picture of your security governance, risk and compliance needs. Taking this data, we produce a user-friendly report, backed with detailed technical analysis, which outlines areas of your business that need to be secured.


Our Core Services

A&O IT provides a comprehensive suite of IT managed services for outsourcers and large and mid-sized businesses globally.