Global Reach For Your Business

Are you ready to grow your IT services business? Join A&O IT and become part of a global network that’s transforming IT managed services, where you’ll enjoy access to our global clients, innovative software tools and support network. A world of opportunity awaits.

Grow Your Business With A&O IT

Your business can share in our success and join our network across more than 100 countries.

Be Part of A Global Brand

A&O IT provides expert IT support to some of the world's largest brands and global outsourcers.

Grow Your Business

Access and support local and international client opportunities as part of the A&O IT network.

Widen Your Network

Work with our partner businesses to develop and build new client relationships.

Access Support And Training

A&O IT has unrivalled software and training tools to support your business as you grow.

Meet The A&O IT Team

A great team of people who believe in excellent customer service and deliver tangible business benefits for our clients and partners.

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Transform Your IT Services

When you become an A&O IT franchisee, you’ll access expert training and skills support that will help you transform your IT services. Our passionate and experienced experts really do deliver IT solutions clients rely on. The A&O IT sales support team will be on hand to assist when you need it, but we’ll leave you to run your business the way you want to.


Grow Your Network

Become part of our established global network and access our global customers. We’ll allocate some of our customers local to you to get you started with an immediate income. Reduce your admin, keep your independence and grow your business. What are you waiting for?


Join The A&O IT Family

We love working with businesses with a hunger to grow and we’re always looking to expand our franchise partnerships in the UK. If you run a successful IT business in your local area and want to grow with a larger partner, then the A&O IT family could be for you. When you join us you will enjoy exclusive rights to a territory, plus support services for recruitment, training, marketing, sales and access to our global service management tools, FieldView and TrainView.


Intelligent Software Solutions

A&O IT has developed unrivalled real-time global service management and training platforms for our clients and partners.