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Want to find out more about how our A&O IT services can help your business? Do you have a specific issue that you want to discuss with one of our experts? Read our comprehensive list of FAQs for a variety of technical support for desktop computer, laptop and connected device problems. Alternatively, if you can’t find what you are looking for then our team of specialists on our tech support help desk are here to support you with 24/7 tech support.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How long have you been in business?

A&O IT has been a provider of global IT managed services for over 20 years working as a provider of end-user support engineers for global outsourcers who, in turn, manage the IT requirements for global businesses. We are a privately owned, UK company that takes pride in providing excellent break-fix support for all our clients throughout the world. We are also proud to own a specialist cyber security division called Corsaire, a leader in forensic cyber threat detection and mitigation.

What countries does A&O IT operate in?

We are active in 102 countries and have a network of 200 partner organisations who are accredited by A&O IT to deliver both in person and online tech support through our end-user support services. Over 50% of our business is in international markets, and we continue to expand into new areas that may help our clients in the future. We believe that continued development will aid not only our expansion but our clients too.

Where does A&O IT have offices?

Our Head Office and global command centre is in the UK, near Heathrow. We have support offices in France, Germany, Sweden and India.

Who are your clients?

90% of A&O IT's business is through OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), systems integrators and multi-national corporates. We are bound by confidentiality agreements not to release details of our clients and the IT helpdesk and support services we provide publicly.

What industry sectors do you operate in?

The portfolio of IT managed services delivered by A&O IT Group can be deployed across every industry sector throughout the world. We have active and long-term client relationships globally in oil and gas, utilities, defence, aerospace, banking and finance, education, retail and e-commerce and government. Please contact us to discuss your specific break-fix support requirements.

What industry standards accreditations does A&O IT hold?

A&O IT holds the following BSI industry standards accreditations: PAS99 for Integrated Management, ISO9001 for Quality Management, ISO14001 for Environmental Management, ISO22301 for Business Continuity Management and ISO27001 for Information Security Management. A&O IT is also JOSCAR and Safe Contractor certified.

What differentiates A&O IT's end user support?

A&O IT has a global network of over 200 accredited partners to deliver local IT support for global end-user support contracts, and is on hand to provide support whenever we are needed. Every partner is trained and managed to a consistent global standard for each client using our TrainView platform. Our global service management platform, FieldView, connects us directly to every one of our partner engineers in the field and provides us with a global view of every live computer support case. This means we can report our SLA to our outsourcing partners and direct the client in real-time, so you can rest assured that we will be there when you most need us.

Which global outsourcers do you work with?

A&O IT maintains successful and long-standing relationship with global OEMs, systems integrators and outsourcers. For confidentiality reasons we do not publicise these relationships.

How many countries can you support for end user services?

A&O IT has global coverage in 120 countries for end-user business computer support services and has evidence of active delivery in 102 as of August 2018. Our strategy is to continue to broaden and deepen the number and type of internationally accredited partners in our network by continuing to provide the best online IT support available for any large or mid-sized business.

Can A&O IT manage my IT remotely?

Yes. A&O IT has a global service management platform which monitors every client network end-point. Many incidents can be resolved remotely. Our break-fix support engineers with years of tech support experience will manage and resolve all other incidents within agreed client Service Level Agreements.

Can you manage and monitor Microsoft updates across my organisation?

Yes. We will also schedule patch updates on your servers to reboot at a time which causes minimal business interruption, such as late at night or off-peak times. Our specialists are also always available to provide you with 24/7 tech support wherever you are located, if any interruptions do occur.

Can you offer a back-up and recovery service for all my critical services and VIP users?

Yes. We have qualified IT network support specialists and technicians who can design and implement a full business continuity program to meet the needs of your business.

What support models do you offer?

A&O IT offers complete lifecycle support, including second-line helpdesk, imaging and staging, installation, on-site tech support, maintenance and asset disposal. We can offer a bespoke support model for every client to ensure you get the best break-fix support possible.

Who is Corsaire?

Corsaire is a specialist IT security division of A&O IT Group. Corsaire is wholly owned by A&O IT. Corsaire is CREST and Cyber Essentials Plus accredited. Further information on Corsaire can be found at

What is the difference between a vulnerability assessment and penetration testing?

Vulnerability assessments are designed to produce a list of any vulnerabilities on a system, prioritised by severity and/or potential business impact, while Penetration Testing is intended to illustrate potential avenues of attack that a real-world adversary could exploit, thus limiting the need for PC virus support.

What is the difference between exploratory web application testing and bespoke full web application testing?

An Exploratory Application Security Assessment targets a representative sample of an application’s pages and functionality instead of the more comprehensive approach of a traditional Web Application Security Assessment which aims to thoroughly test all of an application’s pages and functionality.

What is Red Teaming/Social Engineering and what services do you offer?

Red Teaming exercises attempt to mimic real world threats by conducting a broad and well-defined assessment split into three key areas: Digital Attacks, Physical Defence, and Social Engineering. Social Engineering is the process of targeting and manipulating human elements of a business or organisation in order to subvert or bypass security controls.

What IT security accreditations do you hold?

A&O IT's security division, Corsaire, currently holds the following accreditations: CREST, ISO27001, ISO9001, Cyber Essentials Plus, and is an OWASP Top 10 Contributor. Our individual security consultants hold a vast range of industry qualifications and accreditations such as CREST CPSA, CRT, CCT (Web and Infra), CISSP, OSCP, CEH, and CCNA.

What is A&O IT’s GDPR Gap Analysis and Full Transition service?

GDPR Gap Analysis involves an objective audit of an organisation's data protection controls, looking specifically at the collection, processing, and retention of personal information relating to "natural person" within the European Union, to establish compliance against the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). GDPR Consultancy Services are available to support customers in implementing the findings identified by the GDPR Gap Analysis and enable their transition to compliant status.

How many IT support engineers do you employ?

A&O IT has a global field force of 1,200 accredited IT support engineers and computer technical support specialists. We operate across 102 countries and work with trusted and accredited partners to deliver managed IT support services across the country. Our business model is to scale through partners rather than directly employ large teams of engineers.

How can I find out if you offer IT support in my country?

Please contact us on 0330 0586858. We have a proactive partner development programme and ambitious global expansion plans to meet our clients' needs.

What type of IT support do your engineers provide?

Our engineers are assigned to client projects and their skill-set is mapped closely to the break-fix support needs of our clients. We manage all engineer technical training using our TrainView global e-learning platform which ensures every engineer is accredited to work on a client's project. In addition, we ensure a high level of technical competence and tech support experience before an engineer is onboard.

How does a security assessment engagement work?

Security assessments (projects) delivered by Corsaire will generally follow these steps:

  • Project Requirements
  • Pre-Requisites
  • Scheduling
  • Project Delivery
  • Post Delivery

From enquiry to post-delivery support, the Account Manager can guide the client through the process to ensure a successful project.

Once project requirements and pre-requisites are all agreed and provided, the project will be scheduled to the clients requirements.

During project delivery, the lead security consultant on the project will update the client on the progress, including daily summaries and conference calls if required. After the active testing is complete, the consultants comprehensively analyse the results and create a formal report detailing all findings aimed at both the executive and technical audience.

Post-project conference calls are available to further support the client.