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Increase your shareholder value

Remain in full control of your organisation but become equipped with with a suite of tools to accelerate your growth.

As an A&O IT Group Licensee, you will receive additional revenues in your territory as well as international revenues through our global partner network. Licensees benefit from an enhanced service offering, support from an established brand and productivity benefits through our proprietary software and tools.




How being an A&O IT Group licensee can benefit you

Increase shareholder value

Win customers that would have been unthinkable before joining a global Licensee Community. This opportunity offers potential for consistent growth and client diversity and can significantly increase the value of your business.

Grow international sales

We are represented in over 130 countries and have successful relationships with the world’s largest outsourcing partners. Within your region, you will have the ability to offer and deploy solutions through our international partner community.

Build your local business

Enjoy preferential territory rights to deliver all A&O IT Group services in your territory. As the group wins international business, you will benefit from consistent revenue growth with little or no sales effort.

Be part of global brand

Joining our Licensee Community enables you to become part of an established and well known global brand giving you the confidence and gravitas you need to approach any size customer in any location.

Boost your service offering

Access the full suite of available A&O IT Group solutions for your business from global IT engineering services to bespoke, higher margin IT projects and cyber security consultancy.

Improved productivity through automation

Full access to FieldView, A&O IT Group's proprietary field service management suite, developed to intelligently automate your day-to-day tasks, boosting productivity and increasing customer satisfaction.

Our services

A&O IT Group provides a comprehensive suite of IT managed services for outsourcers, as well businesses of all sizes

Grow your business

Find out about all the opportunities you’ll have to expand your business, locally and internationally, as an A&O IT Group licensee.


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Interested in becoming a Licensee?

Find out more about our Licensee Opportunity and the benefits to your organisation.

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