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Providing a 360° view of your current defences

Today’s cyber security threat is more extensive than ever. We understand the challenges you’re up against and have crafted our IT Vulnerability Assessments accordingly.

To give you a 360° view of your current defences, we layer human analysis with bespoke tools and industry-leading scanning software. Our goal is to help you understand the risks in your environment and provide you with support in combatting them. We’ll help you take control of your business before someone else does.

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Why your business needs vulnerability assessments

Take ownership of risks and enhance your security posture.

Identify and fix critical vulnerabilities fast.

Know how well existing measures will detect, minimise and withstand cyber threats.

Meet compliance and regulatory needs from ISO 27001 to Government tender guidelines.

Provide a considered focus for your energy and investment.

Protect the reputation of your organisation.

96% of our assessments identified vulnerabilities

49% contained High Risks

38% authentication and access related

8,900 business risks were remediated last year

Why choose A&O IT Group for your vulnerability assessments


Global expertise

We support companies of all sizes around the world and pride ourselves on crafting truly best-fit cyber security audits to meet your security requirements.


Validated methodologies

All our tests have been validated by Crest-certified consultants.


Industry-leading tools

Our assessment combines the power of multiple scanning tools to give a true 360° view of your infrastructure.


Easy-to-understand reporting

We take complex issues and present them in a simple way, giving you a clear view of what needs addressing and how we can protect you.

How it works

Our 4-step vulnerability assessments

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Step 1 – Scoping and planning

Step 1 – Scoping and planning

First, we take the time to understand everything about your network so we can use our experience to assess where potential vulnerabilities may lie.

Step 2 – Automated and manual scanning

Step 2 – Automated and manual scanning

We use our industry-leading software combined with proprietary tools and a human validation to make our assessment.

Step 3 – Analysis

Step 3 – Analysis

Testing your cyber defences is one thing, but it’s vital that our highly experienced consultants use their expertise to understand and evaluate the results.

Step 4 – Remediation advice

Step 4 – Remediation advice

Your report will contain a description of each identified vulnerability, along with a risk rating and pragmatic advice on how to mitigate or correct the issue.

Why independent vulnerability testing beats automated DIY scanning

Empowering you to take control through assessing, identifying and mitigating your cyber security risks.

A&O IT Group support global businesses of all sizes and pride ourselves on creating best-fit assessments to meet your security requirements.

Protect yourself today

More in-depth analysis

A&O IT Group’s thorough vulnerability testing provides a multi-layered approach, combining the power of automated scanning with manual analysis.

Strategic human validation

Consultants regularly develop bespoke scripts to accomplish tailored results which stand-alone automated software simply cannot deliver.

Experienced professionals

Our expert team of CREST-accredited cyber professionals follow the latest proven methodologies.

Intelligent reporting

We categorise vulnerabilities by risk rating, making it simple to understand what needs to be done and when.

Types of vulnerability assessments

Mobile and web app testing

Your web and mobile apps are the most open access points into your business and have now become a focus for cyber-criminals. Proactive testing throughout their lifecycle can counter this threat effectively.

Source code review

Our in-depth review of your source code will identify underlying issues in the codebase, which could be exploited by a third-party or disgruntled former employee.

Internal & external infrastructure

Our expert consultants will examine your internal and external infrastructure for potential security vulnerabilities to protect your business and keep you one step ahead of hackers.

Cloud security assessments

Cloud deployments can be more vulnerable than standard hardware-based deployments due to the wider access. We perform a comprehensive configuration review of your cloud environment.

Secure configuration review

Often IT configurations are based on default setup, complete with default passwords. Our review will identify any vulnerabilities in your setup and configurations before attackers do.

Wi-Fi security assessment

Our experienced team will ensure your available Wi-Fi networks are not vulnerable to misuse. They will determine any encryption weaknesses and demonstrate how easily a poorly protected network can be accessed.

API testing

Security Assessment of web services typically covers data validation, access control and business logic flaws. We will test the web services in scope by posing as a trusted client and constructing requests to subvert security.

SCADA vulnerabilities

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Delivering a first class level of service

Our high service standards, loyal team and flexible approach keep our outsourcing partners and clients returning to us time after time.

Over the last 5 years, A&O IT Group have worked collaboratively with IDBS to help identify product weaknesses and provide useful remediation advice as part of a security by design , development lifecycle.

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Addressing your concerns before they become a critical business issue is vital in the war against cyber attacks.

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