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Third-party risk for organisations is mounting

How A&O IT Group can help keep you secure

Whether you're worried about third-party risk, your supply chain or your own organisation's attack surface, RiskRecon can help you stay secure. 

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Understand and mitigate third-party risk

To ensure your digital ecosystem is well-protected, RiskRecon offers real-time insight into how third-party data is handled and managed through a vast, detailed breakdown of any organisation's digital landscape.

Without this visibility, organisations cannot spot looming cyber threats or take action against unseen vulnerabilities. Protecting your organisation with RiskRecon allows for efficient threat detection and response to third-party risks.

Bolster supply chain vulnerabilities

When it comes to cybersecurity, organisations are often caught off guard by vicious threats that come in through their supply chain layers. RiskRecon allows for an easy breakdown of supply chain vulnerabilities and how these issues could affect your business's livelihood. 

Stay ahead of potential risks in your organisation's supply chain by using automatic methods to discover and visualise the relationships with fourth-party vendors.

Comprehensive monitoring of enterprise and subsidiaries

An organisation’s online surface area is far more expansive than one may think. Without comprehensive insight into the security risk landscape, organisations are in an extremely vulnerable state and must accept the ramifications of these vulnerabilities through lost potential business opportunities or severed relations with vendors and partners.

With the ability to benchmark your own cyber security posture and compare with competitors, RiskRecon is a fantastic tool to mitigate risk.

How A&O IT Group reduces your risk

RiskRecon monitors the online presence of an organisation to detect cybersecurity risks and vulnerabilities before they can be used maliciously.

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Real-time monitoring

The platform provides proactive, real-time monitoring of security risks, ensuring that customers are always aware of the latest and most important threats to their business.

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Risk priority ratings

Security ratings from RiskRecon let you understand and prioritise your risks based on issue severity and the value at stake. Deal with your most pressing security issues first.

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Automated reports & action plans

RiskRecon automatically creates customised risk assessments and action plans aligned directly with your organisation's risk policies and priorities.

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Data accuracy

With a 99.1% accuracy, the platform guarantees to offer a meticulous, transparent analysis of your third-party vendors, or your own organisation.

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Discover your third-party risk

Understand the risks that you can't see coming from your vendors, and unpack how to protect your organisation.

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