Complete Assurance

Do you know how your IT network infrastructure would hold out in the event of a security breach? Our testing service is built on a strong methodology – we helped shape OWASP principles to fully understand and quickly close any security gaps or weaknesses that could be exploited. Our goal is your complete assurance.

Identifying Your Vulnerabilities

Penetration testing and monitoring of your IT network and devices is a fundamental part of your organisational IT risk management process. Our testing service identifies any vulnerabilities or weaknesses across all of your systems: networks, software, apps and websites.

Our A&O cyber security consultants are CREST certified and our methodology is built on a strong foundation that has been developed, fine-tuned and clearly defined over many to ensure maximum network overage.


Testing And Reporting

Penetration testing (also known as pen testing) is a way to run a simulated attack and evaluate the current security of your infrastructure. Our penetration testing looks for holes in your security that could potentially be exploited by an attacker. We provide a comprehensive report detailing the vulnerabilities found but also the remediation guidance enabling you to plan and prioritise any improvements that need to be made.


Our Security Services