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Benefits of physical penetration testing

Expose weaknesses and vulnerabilities in physical controls.

Understanding vulnerabilities and the risk to your business.

The ability to prioritise remediation actions.

Assess the impact of a successful breach.

Protect your internal infrastructure from tampering.

Provide a training opportunity for your facilities team to improve physical security.

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Our physical penetration testing methods

Physical penetration testing is comprised of many types of infiltration techniques that will test your security posture whilst searching for vulnerabilities and other weaknesses. It's so easy to overlook how a hacker may gain access to your site and plant something that could severely affect your business's security and in some cases, the safety of your staff and customers.

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Deliverables 360x360

Your physical pen test report

Following a physical penetration test, A&O IT Group will provide a comprehensive report containing actionable information to help you improve your physical security as well as your overall security posture. Your report will include:

Information learned during the Information Gathering and Reconnaissance phases of the project.
Scenarios attempted including actions taken and the outcome of those actions.
Risk score for all vulnerabilities identified.
Supporting evidence for vulnerabilities identified.
Recommendations to migrate vulnerabilities.
Executive summary suitable for c-suite audience.


Who needs a physical penetration test?

A&O IT Group recommends all organisations with a physical location to assess their security through a physical penetration test. Some organisations which might be deemed higher risk and should ensure they’re protected include financial organisations, medical facilities, utility providers, retailers and education facilities.

How long does a physical pen test take?

Physical penetration tests generally take between 2-10 days depending on the complexity of the requirements.

Factors which can contribute to the length of a physical pen test include the number of locations, the size of the location(s) and the effort required to bypass physical barriers.

How to prepare for your physical penetration test?

If you are already aware of weaknesses in your physical security, then it is advisable to remediate these first to get the most value from a physical penetration test.

How often do I need a physical penetration test?

The general rule of thumb is to have a physical penetration test at least once annually or if significant changes have been made such as a change to security procedures or personnel or to access controls.

How will my company benefit from a physical penetration test?

- Your will see the effectiveness of your current physical security controls providing the opportunity to build on your strengths and remediate any weaknesses.

- You will be provided with a risk rating for identified vulnerabilities helping you prioritise remediation efforts.

- The exercise will also serve as a training or awareness opportunity for members of your staff who are responsible for your physical security.

- After any remediation, you will have confidence in your improved security posture.

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