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Site-based IT is evolving, meaning you need access to high quality field resources to support the inevitable requirements of field diagnosis and repair.  We can easily enable remote support to resolve your issues without the requirement to send your own team. 

Utilising people with site knowledge from supporting your core IT Services requirements, across all types of technology from AV to networking to server and beyond, we’ll significantly reduce your downtime on site. We use the latest video and chat technology to connect teams seamlessly.

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Benefits of IT break/fix services

Resource knowledge

Combining resources across the technology towers, with a pool of engineers who have site knowledge, improves access compliance, reduces costs to deliver and time to resolve, due to the ability to acces the site and act fast.

Cost control

Basing the costs on the actual activities performed aligns into a risk based model and allows an overall managed service provider to reduce costs over time as more automation and upgrades are deployed, whilst ensuring local requirements are met.

Customer satisfaction

Having an approved person who is known and has site clearance, as well as building a relationship with the local teams, is a proven way to improve customer perception and overall view of IT and MSP contracts.

Automation and lower cost-to-service

Our FieldView toolsets integrate with any ITSM platform and can be used to provide real time insights for your remote teams in overall ticket state, actual work performed, and, with the ability to document sites on a visit, other work required within the location.

IT break fix vs. Managed Services

It is often said that managed service is the evolution of break/fix – but in practice, the two are complementary services.  Remote teams can provide more and more service from remote sites, but there will always be a need for support for both planned and unplanned services. 

Having a reliable, technologically advanced partner for both proactive and reactive services is a necessity in the current technology landscape

To find out more on this topic, head to our Managed Services page.


What SLAs can be offered?

A&O IT Group offers from four-hour to pre-scheduled activities, which ensures that activities can be provided in accordance with site needs.

What locations is this suitable for?

This service can be delivered across a range of locations, from large campus sites, data centres and co-location facilities, small regional offices, retail sites and even home user locations.

What SLA do I need to take?

The SLA will depend on the business demands for the location along with a host of situational attributes such as: What downtime is acceptable?  What is the recovery plan for the site?  What redundancy is in place and what single points of failure remain?


Can this be aligned with OEM or other hardware maintenance plans?

Break/fix and hardware maintenance plans complement one another and so this is certainly something we offer. Many OEMs require diagnosis to take place prior to shipment of the replacements, and also this service can be used in place of typically more expensive “with engineer” support options as well as “self support” options for hardware fixes.

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