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Configuring, installing, upgrading and removing assets 

Every company will go through periods of IT transition, and we have the expertise to ensure the successful completion of projects, no matter what the size or nature.

For over 50 years, A&O IT Group has configured, installed, upgraded and removed thousands of IT assets. We have worked with some of the most recognised brands in the retail, finance and manufacturing industries, both locally and across the world.

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130+ countries covered


Why your business needs our IT transition services


Effortless onboarding

We have a bespoke onboarding programme for every new client. We take the time to understand your business needs, agree SLAs, introduce our teams and procure any tools or equipment needed.


Real-time reporting

A&O IT Group has a policy of total transparency with our customers. With our FieldView global service management system, you can track your project in real time.


Employment consultancy

We work in over 130 countries, with each one having different employment laws, regulations and nuances. Our team can advise, scope and ensure that transitioning any account to our services will meet all the local requirements.



Our dedicated team within IT Transitions will work closely with you to understand any TUPE / ARD requirements and implications to ensure that all current and new members of the team are supported throughout any transitioning period.

How it works

Our 4-step process for successful service transitions

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Step 1 – Scoping your project

Step 1 – Scoping your project

Detailed on-site analysis and scoping of your requirements with comprehensive project plans. We manage the storage and logistics of your new IT assets.

Step 2 – Logistics management

Step 2 – Logistics management

We implement set-up and configuration of all hardware and devices before installation on-site or deployment across your business.

Step 3 – Installation and testing

Step 3 – Installation and testing

We install all hardware and devices and then test and evaluate. Unwanted IT assets will be disposed of in responsible and eco-friendly ways.

Step 4 – Successful handover

Step 4 – Successful handover

Your team will be fully trained. All licences, warranties and documentation are handed over, with ongoing support and maintenance provided, if required.

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Transitions don't have to be complicated

Our experts are ready to remove the complexities of transforming your IT services so you have less to worry about

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