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Maximise the ROI on all your IT assets

Customisable and scalable IT lifecycle services from A&O IT Group enable businesses of any size to maximise value at every stage of their asset management.

You’ve invested heavily in your IT assets and you need to be sure you’re achieving the maximum possible ROI for as long as they’re in use. A&O IT Group will help you each step of the way with everything from planning and deployment through to overall asset management, support, security and responsible disposal.

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A&O IT Group lifecycle services

Choose the whole suite of services or tailor a bespoke package to complement any services you might have in-house.


Device as a Service (DaaS)

With DaaS, you avoid problems caused by redundant equipment, as well as unexpected upgrade costs. Simply choose the hardware, software and managed services you need and that’s all you pay for. Then we can guide you on the management and maintenance options that will work best for your organisation.

  • IT solutions tailored for your business
  • Save office space with no need to store stock on-site
  • Enjoy continuous hardware upgrades
  • Spend less on new equipment

Hardware Imaging & Configuration

It is critical to ensure your staff are always connected and secure but, with multiple technologies included in hardware imaging today, this has become an increasingly complex and difficult task.

  • Reduce stress by configuring equipment before delivery to specified requirements
  • Assets covered include laptops, desktops and printers
  • All equipment is tested before dispatch
  • All services are vendor agnostic

Warehouse & Logistics

Storage and delivery of hardware has become increasingly challenging with flexible working and varying office attendance. A&O IT Group offer scalable warehousing and logistic services to meet your ever-changing needs.

  • Fully insured storage and shipment of hardware ranging from end user peripherals to multi-functional devices
  • Parts management service with spare parts stored for your equipment in case of break down
  • Track your stock by serial number in real time in the FieldView portal 

Asset Management

Creation, identification, categorisation and continued monitoring of assets until end of life. A&O IT Group can look after all your software management, hardware management and managed print services.

  • Maximise the utilisation of your assets
  • Minimise downtime and waste
  • Avoid the cost of redundant equipment
  • Eliminate unnecessary capital expense

Spares & Repairs

Management of spares enabling offsite and onsite hardware break-fix by our trained and certified engineers across the world.

  • Storage and inventory management
  • Includes replenishment profiling, distribution and recycling

Secure IT Disposal Services

Decommissioning legacy hardware can be an arduous and time-consuming task, but A&O IT Group will swiftly remove not just the equipment, but also the problem from your shoulders.

  • Disposal of hardware in line with regional legislation and completed in a responsible and eco-friendly way
  • Fully certified service to include guaranteed data wiping for all disposed assets
  • Fully audited to reflect any moves and change

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Cyber Security

Fully accredited, A&O IT Group have over 20 years’ experience in all areas of cyber security. We help your business take control of tomorrow by recommending the solutions you need today.

  • Cyber security consultancy and transformation
  • Identifying and responding to threats
  • Full range of services including Penetration Testing, Red Teaming and Managed Detection & Response
  • Compliance and cyber accreditations guidance
  • All the latest cyber security technologies

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Why your business needs our IT Lifecycle Services


Simplifying your IT lifecycle

Reducing complexity while increasing visibility, using one reliable partner to manage your IT lifecycle services is the cost-effective way to maximise efficiency.


Taking the weight off your shoulders

We’re here to spare you the minutiae of IT lifecycle management, taking care of all your assets, maintenance and monitoring so you can focus on the business priorities of your organisation instead.


Consistent service globally

Your business will receive consistent, high quality end user support, whatever your size, wherever you’re located. We operate in over 130 countries with full local language capabilities.


Secure solutions

We offer specialist security advice and assessments to give class-leading protection and ensure you are compliant with all the necessary regulations.


Backed by leading technology

Our state-of-the-art, automated technology, FieldView, allows you to track and manage everything in real-time with complete transparency.


Customisable support

We shape our services around your needs, handling the entire process or just the bit you’re having trouble with. Remote fixes and unrivalled 24/7 technology support coverage will keep your business running and your employees happy.


International warehouse and logistics support

A&O IT Group have the capability to offer scalable warehousing and logistic services to meet the ever-changing demands of our customers.


SLA obsessed

We are driven by KPI’s as we strive to deliver the quality of work and the timings that will exceed your expectations.


Do I have to take all of the lifecycle services?

No, any service is purchasable on an individual basis.

Are these services only applicable to large scale organisations?

No, A&O IT Group can support businesses of all sizes, in any industry and location.

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