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Full-time, on-site ad-hoc or mobile engineers

Our highly skilled IT field engineers are the people on the ground, providing you with 24/7 global coverage.

To conquer all your IT challenges, we provide full-time, on-site, ad-hoc or mobile engineers for project or maintenance services. Our engineers are qualified to Levels 1, 2 and 3, and above, and are all experts at delivering rapid proactive and reactive support for all your hardware and software needs.

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130+ countries covered


How you can benefit from our IT Engineering Services

Global reach with local knowledge and language capabilities.

Reliable and friendly engineers qualified to Levels 1, 2 and 3, and above, as well as proactive project management.

We resolve your IT issues in real-time, 24/7.

Flexible, tailored solutions including dedicated in-house support, scheduled visits or emergency cover.

Search, selection, recruitment and training of your in-house engineer can all be undertaken by us.

Payroll services, TUPE and ARD negotiations can also be managed for you.

Our intelligent automation and technology solutions, FieldView and TrainView, add value.

We take away all your IT headaches, leaving you to concentrate on the things you’re good at.

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Dedicated Engineers

Our dedicated IT engineers work on site for you and are effectively an extension of your team.

Our TrainView platform ensures the engineers we provide are fully briefed, trained and aware of any procedures they need to comply with on site, so they can hit the ground running and integrate seamlessly into your organisation.

All candidates are screened and checked by us for the necessary technical and soft skills
Search, selection, recruitment and training can all be managed by A&O IT Group
Scalable solution across the globe
Suitable for any large project or for ongoing support in your IT department
Engineers are monitored and controlled through our FieldView software, your automated, in-house command and control system
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Scheduled visits

Providing ongoing support

Our expert engineers can provide routine visits on-site to deal with all your non-emergency IT challenges.

Flexible solution that provides a useful half-way point between full-time and break-fix
Engineers qualified to Levels 1, 2, 3 and beyond
Every engineer is measured against agreed Service Level Agreements for your business
Scalable solution across the globe
Engineers are monitored and controlled by FieldView, your automated, in-house command and control system
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Dispatch Engineers

Also known as break-fix engineers, our dispatch engineers are the emergency services of IT support.

If your printers are down or your server has stopped working, our engineers are on hand to help. All our dispatch engineers are briefed and trained on your IT technologies, networks and processes, using our online TrainView platform. That enables us to offer you a streamlined service with minimal disruption to your business.

On call 24/7, 365 days a year
Engineers qualified to Levels 1, 2, 3 and beyond
Every engineer is measured against agreed Service Level Agreements for your business
Fully supported by spare parts and expert logistic services
Local language support and global compliance expertise
Engineers are monitored and controlled by FieldView, your automated, in-house command and control system


Our proprietary software, FieldView, provides fully automated, end-to-end engineer scheduling and management.

It is a centralised control system for every ticket and every engineer across the globe and gives you real-time visibility of how our team is looking after your business.

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Complete overview and live status of field engineers across the globe, giving accurate location details, progress updates and reporting.

FieldView can be tailored to address specific challenges through bespoke dashboards, alerts, reporting and call processes.

Your business will receive the same high level of service and end user support wherever you are located.

Every engineer is measured against the Service Level Agreements for your business.

Built on decades of experience of the break-fix and deployment market.


Our global e-learning platform, delivering bespoke online training programmes, assessments and onboarding.

It ensures engineers are always suitably trained, compliant and accredited before arriving on site to work for your organisation.

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The quality assurance mark for over 4,000 engineers who have all been trained, assessed and onboarded to a consistent level across 120+ countries.

Scalable solution, enabling the rapid deployment of bespoke, ongoing training and assessments to multiple engineers and sites across the globe.

Every Engineer is assessed in their local language and technical English with a comprehensive report made available for you to see.

Our training will meet your exact requirements for everything from our engineers’ conduct to site specific requirements such as uniform.

Interactive and easily accessible online modules including tutorials, videos and e-book materials.

Delivering a first class level of service

Our high service standards, loyal team and flexible approach keep our outsourcing partners and clients returning to us time after time.

A&O IT Group have served NATS for decades, providing a first-class service in the supply and integration of our mainframe communications needs.

Larry Hunter, | (Design Authority Level 2 NAS and Related Systems)


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