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Tailored security vulnerability assessments you can trust

SCADA and ICS systems are built to last a lifetime. They are often outdated and tend not to be as resilient as you’d like.

There is an understandable hesitance to apply system patches for fear of system down time. Add the growing need for remote management to operate them, involving connection to the internet, and you can understand why these systems are mouth-watering targets for attackers.

With experience in everything from chemical plants to engineering facilities and building management systems (BMS), you can be totally confident in our tailored, safe and thorough security assessments.

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Why your business needs ICS / SCADA / IIOT assessments

Your business may have numerous processes and tools in place to help reduce the risk of a cyber-attack, but are you doing enough?

ICS / SCADA / IIOT assessments provide you with many advantages when it comes to the security of your business:


Avoid interruption to your mission-critical industrial processes.


Reduce the risk of breaches which could cause safety issues.


Identify vulnerabilities in your systems and how best to address them.


Provide assurance to your board, your customers and the regulators that your vital systems have been properly protected.



Why choose A&O IT Group?


SCADA / ICS / IIOT expertise

A&O IT Group have performed tests within a range of very different environments across multiple industry sectors and within many countries.


Minimise the risk

With a wealth of experience, we understand how to assess systems sensitively while taking great care to protect business continuity.


Collaborative approach

Given the sensitivity of this kind of approach and the fact that no two environments will ever be the same, A&O IT Group always defines a unique vulnerability assessment that best fits your organisation and requirements.


Outcome-focused thinking

With your needs at the heart of our strategy, we use our expertise to achieve high-impact outcomes that are perfectly aligned with your business.


Comprehensive reporting

You will receive a face-to-face report, presented by our expert consultant, that clearly outlines the vulnerabilities of your systems and how best to prevent them from being exploited.


Compliance and assurance

Ensuring your business complies with all relevant regulatory and certification standards, we provide you with reassurance around this tricky area of data security.



Why is security testing needed on ICS / SCADA / IIOT Systems?

Without thoroughly testing and securing these often outdated and legacy systems, your organisation is open to an ever-increasing threat from a focused attack. This could result in disruption to your business, loss of earning and safety concerns. A&O IT Group will assess your environment in the safest way possible to help you protect business continuity, while avoiding damage and costly downtime.

Can you test live ICS / SCADA / IIOT systems?

A&O IT Group take deep care in recommending the safest possible approach to assess your systems. Where possible, we use a test environment built to the same configuration or we make use of time where your machinery is down for routine maintenance. However, we do have the skills and capability to assess a live environment in situations where this is required.

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