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IT asset deployment at any scale 

A&O IT Group has the expertise, project management skills and testing facilities to seamlessly manage large and mid-scale IT asset deployment locally, regionally and globally. Depending on your requirements, we can support your in-house IT team or we can actually become your IT team.

With more than 50 years’ experience in end-to-end deployment services, we have worked in both the public and private sector, solving issues within the pharmaceutical, finance, manufacturing, aviation and retail industries.

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ISO 45001
ISO 27001
ISO 14001
ISO 9001
ISO 22301

Why your business needs our IT deployment service

Full end-to-end service

With a proven project methodology and a full logistics support service, we can shield you from all the complexities and issues of IT deployment.

We provide a full off-site or on-site engineering service with true global reach. Better still, our methods are the same in every country so you will always know where you stand with international deployments.

Fast and cost-effective services

Investing in new IT can be costly. You want your new equipment up and running and providing a return on investment as soon as possible.

No matter how big or small your IT asset deployment, our teams of project managers, field engineers and service desk managers can manage your roll out end-to-end to ensure a fast payback.

Comprehensive asset management

Our proprietary software, FieldView, provides fully automated, end-to-end engineer scheduling and management.

FieldView tracks every deployment, whether hardware or software. It also allows visibility and real-time reporting, keeping the project team right up to date with progress of every detail of any large-scale deployment.




Our IT deployment services

A&O IT Group provides the full range of deployment services to meet the needs of your organisation using highly-qualified engineers who are all security cleared.

IMACs (Install, Move, Add, Change)

Whether you are moving offices, relocating departments or adding new hardware to your network, our project engineers will ensure your business experiences minimal disruption from any office relocation or hardware upgrade.

  • No technical risks to the company
  • No physical inconvenience
  • Minimal disruption to office working

IT Migration

Our team of project managers, field engineers and service desk managers are specialists in managing migration projects. From major releases to environment migrations, we minimise business risks and ensure a smooth transition. Data migration is a critical service and data loss is unacceptable. We cannot emphasise strongly enough that this is not a job for amateurs.

  • No loss of data
  • Complex IT processes delivered by experts
  • Enhanced flexibility in the Cloud
  • Better security in the Cloud

IT Refresh

Improve your efficiency with an IT refresh. By bringing your software and hardware up to date, you will be improving employee engagement and efficiency.

  • Complex IT processes delivered by experts
  • Enhanced flexibility in the Cloud
  • Better security in the Cloud

Windows 10 Migration

Did you know Windows 7 is no longer covered by Microsoft? Those who haven’t already switched to Windows 10 must buy extended security updates (ESUs), which will cease to be available from Jan 2023. Our experts will roll out software, migrate your data from the old system to the new and familiarise your team with new operating requirements.

  • We will fully scope, build and execute your bespoke migration plan
  • Our scalable service can easily handle high volume migrations
  • One partner with global reach for all your needs

Printer Deployment & Logistics

We provide end-to-end printer deployment services from initial pre-staging, through logistics and installation, finishing with CSAT-driven training and installations. This is not a logistics service, but a ‘white glove’ IT delivery and installation service.

  • High value storage
  • Pre-staging and commissioning of hardware
  • Technical installations
  • End user training
  • FORS Accredited

Our 4-step process for successful deployments

From scoping the project to handing over a successful deployment that’s fully documented and tracked.

Organise your business

Step 1 – Scoping your project

Step 1 – Scoping your project

Detailed on-site analysis and scoping of your requirements with comprehensive project plans. We manage the storage and logistics of your new IT assets.

Step 2 – Logistics management

Step 2 – Logistics management

We implement set-up and configuration of all hardware and devices before installation on-site or deployment across your business.

Step 3 – Installation and testing

Step 3 – Installation and testing

We install all hardware and devices and then test and evaluate. Unwanted IT assets will be disposed of in responsible and eco-friendly ways.

Step 4 – Successful handover

Step 4 – Successful handover

Your team will be fully trained. All licences, warranties and documentation are handed over, with ongoing support and maintenance provided, if required.


Does there have to be a fixed term for a deployment project?

No, but usually we would agree on start and finish dates that suit you.

Is all decommissioned equipment wiped?

Absolutely. This is a legal requirement and certificates to confirm data has been wiped will be provided.

Is the project methodology consistent across the globe?

Yes. Critical requirements will be discussed and agreed with you before the project begins and the same protocols will be rigorously followed in every country.

Is there any job too small?

No, A&O IT Group delivers one-off events all over the world on a daily basis.

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