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Hunting and eliminating active threats, rapidly

Organisations of all sizes are under an ever-increasing threat from cyber-attacks. In the face of tightening budgets and limited in-house expertise, many are turning to Managed Detection and Response (MDR) specialists like A&O IT Group for protection.

We work side-by-side with your organisation, empowering you with proactive protection as we hunt active threats and eliminate them before any damage is done. Shielding you 24/7, we combine machine intelligence with human experience to provide an industry-leading solution.

Build your defences

Why your business needs Managed Detection & Response

Proactive 24/7 threat detection across on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments


Reduce the likelihood of an attack before it happens


Cyber attackers don’t stick to business hours, so you can’t afford to either


Minimise the impact of a breach with rapid detection and response


Improve your security posture and relieve pressure on your own IT people


Lower cost than assembling and operating an in-house team


24/7 Monitoring

365 Days a Year

15 Minute Industry-leading SLA

20+ Years Cyber Experience

Why choose A&O IT Group's managed detection & response services


Hybrid intelligence

We combine cutting edge technology with deep human insight and experience to assure value, accuracy and the best protection possible.


Ahead of the curve

We leverage over 20 years’ experience along with industry data, machine learning and continual evolvement of tools and threat intelligence.


Credible reporting

A&O IT Group deliver credible security and compliance reports that deliver ROI and ongoing security improvement.


Flexible service

You choose the level of coverage that works best for you organisation, and we will tailor our services to suit your individual business needs.


Real security experts

The human element is critical to your successful protection and we’ve been investing in top experts for decades to provide a suitable extension to your team.


24/7 coverage

Around the clock industry-leading monitoring, detection with incident response with tailored remediation guidance.


How can Managed Detection & Response secure an organisation?

Our services enable an organisation to rapidly deploy a full security program with 24/7 threat detection and response with many of the associated costs shared across the provider's customer base. Ongoing threat knowledge that is gained daily from our monitoring services globally is gathered and applied to all monitoring efforts deployed within our SOC’s internationally.

I don’t understand where my risks lie and where to focus my security efforts. Can MDR assist with this?

A key benefit of deploying this service is providing knowledge of your threat risk at any point in time and whether it is increasing or decreasing. You will know where to focus to make the biggest difference.

I rely on multiple cloud providers. What impact will MDR have on this?

There is no need to run multiple tools or vendors to manage a multi-cloud environment. Move workloads and resources to the cloud or between clouds with total confidence.

Is it possible to still meet my compliance requirements without extra cost?

You can improve your compliance efforts and security programme simultaneously without incurring any additional costs. Streamlining your compliance efforts makes audit preparation easier.

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