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Case Study

Case Study: Oil and Gas Sector

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Upgrading IT infrastructure, reducing operational costs and increasing flexibility

A global oil and gas service supplier operating across 4 global regions and with a team of over 1,000.

Our client has a strong technology and engineering investment ethos to help drive operational efficiency and drive down costs.

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The Challenge

Our client had identified that its existing IT infrastructure required upgrade. 
IT operational costs were significant, and the lack of flexibility did not support the integration and global interoperability requirements of company’s technology roadmap. 

Solution & Benefits

A&O IT Group has a long-standing IT managed services relationship with our client. We were approached to design, configure and install a complete upgraded infrastructure platform to support employees across 15 countries.

We worked closely with existing IT teams across 4 global regions to understand in-depth requirements and conduct a complete audit of existing capability. This audit shaped the company’s 4 infrastructure upgrade requirements.

The programme was co-managed by our client and A&O IT Group from a join project office location.


Design, configure and install the network


Design and install base infrastructure, including racking and cabling


Configure and install wi-fi across the business


Migrate, manage and support every employee’s desktop

The Results

The Global IT infrastructure A&O IT’s team designed, configured and installed was rolled-out successfully across 15 countries in 26 locations, including Middle East, Africa, North America, and Europe.

This extensive global project was completed on time and to budget. A&O IT Group maintains an ongoing relationship with our client and provides IT support across numerous countries.

A&O IT deployed engineer support teams in every location to support implementation and manage desk-top migration and user training. Additional support included comprehensive deployment guides and multi-lingual training guides. 

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