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By partnering with a reputable external provider, organisations find they can focus on what they do best - running their business more efficiently rather than worrying about their IT operations’ effectiveness. In short, it’s like bolting on a group of expert, fully-trained teammates at a fraction of the cost! Here are all the ways companies like yours can benefit:

Extensive IT resources available

Reputable managed service providers will have access to all the latest tools and technology. If a business were to source this tech themselves and bring it in-house, this would end up being considerably more expensive. By outsourcing your IT, you can mitigate the potential financial risk and free up funds to spend in other areas. Your MSP is able to spread the costs across their customer base on your behalf, and by keeping tech up to date, it will mean your IT services are never obsolete. Productivity is also much greater as IT providers can use this advanced hardware, software and analytics technology to predict any IT issues before they arise and prevent downtime. 

More focus on running the business

Maintaining an in-house IT department would require considerable investment when it comes to training, R&D and implementation, and there is the added risk of employees leaving the company at some point after you have spent so much money skilling them up. With a group of dedicated experts to manage your IT operations, your employees can focus on what they do best - furthering the overall business. This frees up all your valuable internal resources and boosts productivity. If you’re struggling to keep up with the 24/7 x 365 challenge of routine maintenance, data integration, updates, upgrades and security threat monitoring, a managed IT service provider can alleviate the worry that a lot of businesses face when they have limited in-house IT capabilities.

Data is always backed up efficiently

Your managed service provider will have access to more robust data centres and government-approved network infrastructure compared to that of any standard enterprise. A poorly managed, insecure infrastructure leaves your business open to many risks, including potential data breaches and impaired disaster recovery. Since MSPs can utilise private, public and hybrid clouds to store and backup valuable data - away from business premises - businesses can access data anywhere in the world. In the event of a natural disaster, this also means a decreased risk of data loss where your MSP can get your business up and running more quickly. 

Scalability of your IT services with your business

With a growing business, your managed IT service provider will not only flex and scale with you, but help you further your business overall, improve the quality of work and help to keep clients happy. IT services can be designed at the offset to eventually expand and grow, and the experts working on your account will know how to do this and when to implement such changes to keep productivity high. Without an outsourced team, trying to scale with limited resources can pose many risks around where to focus your valuable team members’ time. Businesses can find when they ramp up in one area, focus is lost in others. Your MSP will be able to mitigate this risk and leave you free to concentrate on the business’ core objectives. 

Controlling all your costs 

Businesses need to budget effectively to stay on track, and outsourcing your IT services to a reputable provider will allow you to keep on top of all your expenditure and only pay for things you need. Without having to worry about unexpected and costly upgrades, updates or breakdowns, businesses can free up capital to spend elsewhere, such as on employees or equipment to improve productivity. There is also the added benefit of having access to multiple experts as part of a contract with your managed IT service provider. You may only need a particular expert once, but the costs associated may be incredibly high without having this covered in an IT services contract. 

Whether you’re a start-up, mid-size or global enterprise, Managed IT services can take away your IT headaches by providing a one stop shop for the delivery of your IT network requirements. A benefit of outsourcing IT through managed services is that you can be provided with as much or as little IT support as your needs dictate, ranging from hardware installs and upgrades, ad-hoc engineers, on-site engineers, remote service desk support, cyber security services, data backups, and IT asset inventory audits. 

At A&O IT Group, our team of highly skilled experts specialise in global reach, locally, for small, medium and large-sized businesses, and with our dedicated partners, we can be on-hand 24/7 x 365. We can help you identify where IT costs can be reduced, system’s performance can be increased, resources deployed more effectively, and how to ensure your networks and critical data are secure. No matter how big or small your service requirements, A&O IT Group has you covered.

If you would like more help finding the right managed IT service team that delivers lean and high-performing IT services for each part of your business, contact us here or call 01344 948888