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The key question many end-clients are asking is, “How do we migrate?”. The answers are simple.

  1. Scope, build and execute your own project plan

  2. Or use a trusted IT Managed Services Provider (MSP) to manage and take away all your pain.

If you choose option 1, I wish you good luck. Windows 10 is an impressive technology, but the implementation journey can be a minefield for any business without the resource, know-how or expertise.

If you choose the latter, companies such as the A&O IT Group are experts in Win10 migration projects, both domestically and globally.

We help:

  1. Build your plan
  2. Understand your project scope
  3. Help identify your internal project stakeholders
  4. Scope your target infrastructure & platforms
  5. Plan your timelines
  6. Plan your scheduling methodology
  7. Plan your internal roll-out engagement
  8. Plan your deployment
  9. Execute
  10. Review your project and support you and your people.

The above is not an exhaustive list, but it serves to cover many of the major aspects within a migration project such as this. 

Microsoft Support Ceasing

It is important to understand that Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 in H1 2020. From that moment onwards your infrastructure is putting it simply, “on it’s own”, and will not get updated security patches. From a vulnerability and security perspective, you as a business owner / manager, must weigh up the risks, which can be substantial if any vulnerabilities are targeted by cyber criminals.  

Microsoft pulled all support of Windows Vista in April 2017, and Windows XP hasn’t received security patches for a long time now. Microsoft abandoned Windows 8 just five years after launch, with users now receiving ‘extended support’ (which basically means “very limited”) until Jan 10th 2023.

You can now see why this mass-migration to Win10 is truly under way.

What is Windows 10?

Launched in late 2014, Windows 10 is the current major release of Microsoft’s Windows operating system. It was the successor to Windows 7 and 8, and those before them.

This blog is not designed to try and sell you the benefits of Microsoft’s latest product. You’re far better off getting this information from Microsoft’s own website to make your organisation’s own judgement call. Personally, it is a no-brainer, from a software capability, business continuity and security perspective.

Some other outstanding features driving the Win10 argument include:

  • Better use and control of your data
  • Cortana Assistant integration
  • Fresh UI – very different from previous O/S
  • Microsoft Edge – web browser
  • Tablet mode
  • Microsoft Support – until October 2025

Once the decision has been made, we’d like to help you manage your migration in a smooth, timely and cost-effective manner. Or if you would like help ascertaining whether Win10 is for you, just give us a call or drop us a note.


Rod Moore

CEO, A&O IT Group

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