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Protecting your network from the most sophisticated attacks

Network Penetration Testing is a comprehensive process of assessing the security posture of a network infrastructure by attempting to exploit vulnerabilities in a controlled and ethical manner.

The potential for data breaches, network downtime, and financial losses due to hacking attempts is a very real and significant threat to organisations of all sizes.

The dangers of an exposed network are many. When there’s a weakness somewhere in the network, there’s the potential for a hacker to gain unauthorised access to sensitive data, install malware, cause system failures or bring down the entire network.

Online attackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their methods and techniques. Phishing scams, social engineering and ransomware attacks are common ways used to steal sensitive information or gain access to networks.    

A&O IT Group understands the critical importance of tight network security. Attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated with antivirus software and firewalls simply not being enough. Our experts provide multi-layered solutions to ensure all organisations we work with stay one step ahead of attackers.

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What are the benefits of network penetration testing?

The benefits of network penetration testing are numerous. Here are the main ones:


Protect your data

Network penetration testing means that organisations learn of their network vulnerabilities, which means they can be proactive and implement appropriate security measures, policies and procedures to protect against unauthorised access to sensitive information and systems.

Meet compliancy regulations

Many industries and regulatory bodies require organisations to conduct regular security assessments, including network penetration testing, to meet compliance requirements. By conducting regular testing, organisations can demonstrate their commitment to security and compliance.

Earn your customers' trust

When people do business, they want to know that their information and sensitive data are safe. By conducting regular network penetration testing, organisations can demonstrate to their customers that they take security seriously and are committed to protecting their data.

Prevent and respond to attacks

Testing allows organisations to understand how attacks are carried out, which means they can be proactive in their prevention. They can also use the information to develop incident response procedures should a breach occur.

Save money and time on potential attacks

A security breach can be costly for an organisation, resulting in financial loss, reputational damage and legal liabilities. By conducting regular network penetration testing, organisations can identify vulnerabilities and take proactive steps to address them before an attack occurs, saving time and money.

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What is the purpose of Network Penetration Testing?

A network penetration test will identify potential vulnerabilities in a network infrastructure and evaluate the effectiveness of the existing security. Our tests are performed by our ethical hackers who stimulate attacks in a controlled environment to identify weaknesses that real hackers could exploit.

What types of tests are used in Network Penetration Testing?

An effective network penetration test involves password cracking, vulnerability scanning, simulated web application attacks and SQL injections, amongst others. Tests are designed to identify areas that could be exploited by hackers to bring down your network and/or access sensitive data.

How often should I do Network Penetration Testing?

It is recommended that at least an annual network penetration test is performed to effectively protect an organisation. More regular tests can be required depending on the organisation so it's important that you speak to a cybersecurity expert to discuss your needs. A new test is also required when significant changes are made to a network infrastructure. 

What tools are used in Network Penetration Testing?

There are several tools that are used for network penetration tests to plan and perform simulated attacks. These tools include password crackers and vulnerability scanners.

What type of information can be gathered from Network Penetration Testing?

Network penetration testing provides valuable information about the security posture of an organisation. The information gathered includes vulnerabilities in authentication methods, encryption protocols, access controls, the existence of open ports, weak passwords, unpatched software, or the presence of malware like trojans, backdoors, or malicious code. Development into these areas helps organisations proactively address security risks and ensure that their network remains secure and resilient against cyber threats.