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A&O IT Group is proud to announce our recognition as one of the most successful privately-owned businesses for growth within the Berkshire area.

This significant achievement, as detailed in Grant Thornton's Berkshire Limited Report, underscores our commitment to delivering unparalleled IT solutions and cyber security globally.

An Acknowledgement of Excellence

The award presented to us by Grant Thornton, celebrates our sustained growth and the innovative strides we continually make in the IT sector. It is a reflection of our dedication to not just meeting but exceeding the expectations of our valued customers.

Customer-Centric Growth

At A&O IT Group, our drive is fuelled by an unwavering commitment to customer service excellence. We believe in empowering our clients' success by leveraging cutting-edge technology and our proprietary field management tool, FieldView, to provide seamless IT services – no matter where you are in the world.

Jake Morten, CEO of A&O IT Group, attributes our growth to the continuous efforts to 'Engage & Delight' our clients, highlighting that this accolade is a celebration of each team member's contribution to our collective success.

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Our team's persistent effort to 'Engage & Delight' has been the powerhouse behind our growth. This award is not just for A&O IT Group; it’s for each individual who contributes daily to our collective success.

Jake Morten | CEO

A&O IT Group

The Path Forward

This award marks not a final destination but a point of acceleration in our ongoing journey. We’re excited about what the future holds. To find out how we can support your organisation, please get in touch.

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