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A&O IT Group today announced their partnership with Alert Logic, global provider of white-glove managed detection and response (MDR) with comprehensive coverage for public clouds, SaaS, on-premises, and hybrid environments.

An extremely fluid security landscape and a marked increase in the volatility of nefarious players has created a significant security challenge for organisations across the board. In response to this and continuously pre-emptively supporting our clients whilst maintaining our leading edge approach to security, the decision to partner with Alert Logic was a natural one.

With the criticality of the nature of our business and level of service we are known for, the Managed Detection and Response solution is integral to extending our existing portfolio of security and compliance offerings.

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“Our partnership with Alert Logic stands as a testament to the fact that A&O IT Group provides only the best by way of technology and services to what is a terribly complex and potentially damaging challenge currently faced by data driven businesses. We are extremely encouraged by the rapid progress being made in the realm of Managed Detection and Response and are eager to bring this to our clients in supporting their efforts to remain as secure as possible from a cyber security perspective.”

Rod Moore, Chairman, A&O IT Group


Thousands of organisations have quickly realised that in house resources, tooling and infrastructure to provide comprehensive monitoring for their businesses is exorbitant from a cost perspective and complex to manage on an ongoing basis. The net result is that within the cyber security realm, MDR is quickly being adopted as a non-negotiable service for any business who takes their security as seriously as we do. Alert Logic successfully provisions exactly this to a vast array of global clients.

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With an expanding attack surface, increasingly complex IT environments and aggressively evolving cyber threats, businesses need help identifying and responding to cyber-attacks quickly to minimize any damage they can cause. In partnership with Alert Logic and utilising our managed detection and response solution, A&O can help their customers minimise risk and continually improve their security posture with services provided by experts.” 

Omar Akhtar, Director - Partner Sales & Alliances Alert Logic.


With over 60% of security incidents occurring during nights & weekends, attackers do not adhere to business hours. Neither should you. A&O IT Group and Alert Logic protecting you in real time 24/7.

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