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What is cyber security?

Whether we pay much daily attention to it or not, cyber security is an essential part of all our daily lives. Essentially, cyber security involves protecting computers, servers, networks, devices and data from a wide range of digital attacks. Cyber threats are constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated. A robust cyber security solution involves a combination of technology, processes and cyber-aware personnel who can identify risks and mitigate against the threat of cyberattacks, therefore protecting vital data.

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How do cyber security professionals fight attacks?

Cyber security professionals use a selection of measures to protect computer systems. Examples of these include firewalls, endpoint protection, encryption, network segmentation and access control. MDR (managed detection and response) can reliably detect suspicious activity, as well as respond to incidents. Establishing a robust cyber security framework is essential, followed by regular reviews and updates to ensure ongoing protection of systems and data from potential attacks.

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How can I mitigate cyber security risks?

To mitigate the risks of cyber crime, strong cyber security measures must be implemented. This will involve things like firewalls, endpoint protection, two-factor authentication, encryption and regular software updates. Educating employees and end-users about the importance of cyber security and best practices for using digital systems and networks can also help prevent cyber attacks.

However, these measures alone simply aren’t enough. Cyber security testing is a critical component of any robust cyber security framework. Tests involve scrutinising digital systems and networks to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses that could be exploited by cyber criminals. Cyber security awareness training can help employees understand the dangers of cyber attacks and stop one before it becomes threatening to the organisation and its data.

The testing process may include penetration testing, vulnerability assessments and security audits. Cyber security is not something you think about and set up once. Rather, it is a process that requires frequent evaluation and improvement. Regular cyber security testing can ensure continued protection in the ever-changing cyberspace.

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