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Bespoke online training programmes and onboarding 

TrainView is our proprietary global e-learning platform, delivering bespoke online training programmes, assessments and onboarding. It ensures engineers are always suitably trained, compliant and accredited before arriving on site to work for your organisation.

Our solution is scalable for multiple sites, no matter how many engineers or where they’re located. Enabling us to deliver consistent, high-quality support to your organisation. TrainView is the quality assurance mark for over 4,000 engineers, trained and assessed across 120+ Countries.





Benefits of TrainView from A&O IT Group

Interactive Online Training

Interactive and easily accessible online modules including tutorials, videos and e-book materials which can be grouped by technical competencies.

Scalable Solution

A totally scalable solution, enabling the rapid deployment of bespoke, ongoing training and assessments to any number of engineers and sites across the globe.

Quality Assurance

The quality assurance mark for over 4,000 engineers who have all been trained, assessed and onboarded to a consistent level across 100+ countries in numerous languages.


Assessments are algorithmic-based to ensure cheat-proof testing. An e-passport is also provided for on-site verification of the appropriate qualifications.

Service Level Agreements

Every engineer is measured against the specific Service Level Agreements for your business.

Global Compliance

Every engineer is trained to have a unique insight into your IT support requirements, including compliance and industry regulations.

Bespoke Solutions

We will incorporate your exact requirements for everything from our engineers’ conduct and professional competency to site specific requirements such as uniform.

Standardised Certification

Every Engineer is assessed in their local language and technical English with a comprehensive report made available for you to see. Only engineers who pass the assessments receive a digital certificate enabling them to work on your project.


Can you guarantee an engineer is suitably trained before arriving on site?

Yes, we work closely in collaboration with you to produce the training and assessment programme before they are delivered to the engineers. Engineers are not allowed to attend site until training is complete and the assessment passed.

How long does it take to configure and send the training to the engineers?

Once the training and the assessment has been agreed, it normally takes just a couple of hours to load on to TrainView. It can then be delivered to hundreds of engineers across the globe at the touch of a button.

Could I use TrainView to deliver Health & Safety or cyber-security awareness training to my employees directly?

Yes, and we have already done this for several customers. Please get in touch to find out how we can support you with your requirements. 


Let us explain what TrainView could do for you

Find out how we can conquer your challenges with our global e-learning training platform, part of our comprehensive IT and cyber-security services.

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