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Can your business afford the lasting effects of an attack? If you’re responsible for holding customer data, the reputational damage of an attack on your business can be terminal, whilst severe financial penalties for loss of customer data are likely.

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Whilst Network Penetration Testing is a common and effective method of evaluating the current security of a company’s infrastructure, physical security is often overlooked despite being equally as damaging for organisations as cyber-attacks.

Protecting businesses from the threat of criminal attackers is our passion and we’ve spent more than 23 years doing so. Our specialist Cyber Security team operate solely with the purpose of providing businesses with the confidence to operate with full understanding of your network and facilities vulnerabilities.


Bespoke Assessment

Our world-class penetration tests form a bespoke assessment of the physical security controls currently in place within your organisation, as well as the identification of missing controls that should be implemented.

Our experienced and CREST approved security consultants will attempt to exploit any vulnerabilities and gain unauthorised access to your site and data. Our focus and duty are to replicate real-world threats.


We have a highly experienced and motivated team, ready to challenge your existing environment, through the use of specialist techniques, including social engineering, RFID cloning, lock picking, and mechanical bypass of controls.

Unescorted Approach

  • Reconnaissance: Gaining an understanding of your facilities, sites, staff, and organisation from open sources
  • Active Reconnaissance: Visiting your site(s) to gather information, survey vulnerabilities such as exits, security guards, capture uniforms and badges etc
  • Planning: Developing attack chains, pretexts, equipment and resources
  • Active Testing: Carrying out attack chains on-site, gathering evidence of the access gained
  • Reporting & Post Remediation

Escorted Approach

As our testing is completely bespoke to your requirements, we can alternatively perform an ‘escorted penetration test’, where our consultants will identify issues from a walk around of your site, with attempts to bypass controls.

If your organisation has not explored penetration testing before, we encourage you to talk to us to find out more about the process and ensure you are well equipped to proceed with confidence.

Simply request your FREE test drive now or contact our team today on 0330 058 6868.


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