Are You Wide Open?

Your business may have numerous processes and tools in place to help reduce the risk of a cyber-attack, but have you considered that your own employees may be leaving the door wide open to attackers?

Human Nature

From phishing to social media attacks, social engineering involves targeting your employees as a vulnerability within your organisation, capitalising on human nature and errors in order to gain access to your network and data.

Most organisations are vulnerable to highly targeted social engineering efforts and should therefore aim to prevent unsophisticated attacks by having relevant controls in place to mitigate successful attacks.


What Types Of Attack?

  • Phishing: a common method, email "spam" attacks attempt to trick employees into either downloading malicious content or providing credentials
  • Spear Phishing: targeted attacks against select employees, including open source intelligence gathering
  • Whaling: targeted attacks against high profile employees, focusing on Board Level or highly privileged technical staff
  • Open-source intelligence gathering: utilising your organisation’s and employees’ internet profiles to gather information, as well as potentially leaked sensitive information
  • Social media attacks: corresponding with employees over social media, attempting to collect or coerce information

Securing Your Network

Protecting businesses from the threat of criminal attackers is our passion and we’ve spent more than 23 years doing so.

Our specialist cyber security consultants operate solely with the purpose of providing businesses with the tools, insight and confidence to operate with the greatest insight and understanding of your networks and processes.


Our Services

Our team of experienced security consultants can provide a bespoke range of realistic, real world social engineering services to highlight issues, provide vital metrics, and identify weak spots to be remediated.

Social engineering is crucial for your future training and employee awareness, and to identify technical controls whilst removing the burden from HR.

  • Phishing: We create a range of emails constructed to encourage staff to click on content. We’d collect the metrics, illustrating the chain of behaviours, providing you an effective measure of the cyber security awareness within your organisation
  • Spear Phishing: We create specialised campaigns targeted at key individuals of your choice. We then demonstrate the risk and potential damage caused by the leak of confidential material from compromised staff
  • Social media: We create and execute numerous targeted campaigns across multiple social media platforms, attempting to gather intelligence on key individuals. Our consultants then extract this information whilst posing as legitimate agents
  • Telephone Based: Similar to social media, our consultants target key individuals using phone-based social engineering tactics. We then extract this information or coerce targeted individuals to perform unwanted actions, whilst posing as legitimate agents. 

Our Security Services