How Secure Is Your Business?

A transition to cloud computing has given companies freedom to work more efficiently, but with this comes a risk to a businesses security.

Cloud Transition

Cloud deployments are vulnerable to many of the same issues as standard hardware-based deployments – and in many cases, the risk is greater due to the wider access and decentralised nature of the systems.

As more services migrate to the cloud, the requirement for planned implementation and secure configuration practices is paramount. Failure to design your systems properly could lead to financial loss, reputational impact and business interruption.


Formerly Corsaire

With more than 23 years’ experience, A&O Cyber Security team, formerly as Corsaire our highly skilled and knowledgeable team of consultants can analyse your cloud architecture and environment to provide clear recommendations to make sure your business is scalable and protected.

We are a highly passionate and motivated team with significant success and experience in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud.


The A&O Cyber Security Approach

Our configuration assessments review external access and authentication, your cloud database, and examine the user access privileges for your businesses different roles.

We perform web application assessments and penetration testing assessments of cloud setups and instances – combining these two approaches allows you to evaluate how you are configured and to test specific areas of potential risk.

Following your cloud security assessments, we will provide you with the technical assurances, reducing the security risks associated with cloud deployment.


Our Security Services