A Global E-learning Platform

A&O IT is proud of the quality of its global engineer support team and their ability to support every client wherever they are located. To date, 1,200 engineers from 200 accredited A&O IT partners across 102 countries have been trained and assessed using the TrainView platform.

TrainView Is The Quality Assurance Mark For 1,200 Engineers In 102 Countries


Global Certification

TrainView is A&O IT’s global training and assessment tool which certifies that every engineer is highly trained and compliant before we will deploy them on a client project. Every Engineer is tested in local language and technical English.


Client Specific Training

TrainView manages contract specific training and continuous assessment for A&O IT engineers. As part of a new client onboarding, we will document client requirements for our engineers’ conduct and professional competency when responding to an incident. Every requirement and process is logged – from uniform to providing proof of certification and expected behaviour on site.

Interactive Training

Every engineer who will be assigned to a project undertakes a comprehensive client-specific e-learning programme. Modules include online tutorials, video and e-book materials which can be grouped by behavioral and technical competencies. Completion of a module or training programme requires the engineer to pass an assessment. Assessments are algorithmic-based to ensure cheat-proof testing. Our default pass mark is 100%.


Certified Accreditation

A&O IT issues a digital certificate to every engineer who successfully passes our TrainView e-learning programme. A copy of the certificate and a comprehensive report of each engineer’s competence and performance is available for our clients. Only accredited engineers will be logged in to A&O IT’s FieldView client management system and assigned to specific client projects. This provides every A&O IT client surety of the calibre and competence of each of our engineers.


Our Service Commitment

Every A&O IT engineer is targeted against our service goals.

Service Level Agreements

Every engineer is measured against the Service Level Agreements for your business.

A Consistent Service Globally

Your business will received consistent, high quality end user support wherever you are located.

Global Compliance

Every engineer is trained to have a unique insight into your IT support requirements.

Local Language Support

Our engineers speak local language and technical English.