Full IT Inventory Management

Is your IT inventory complete? Does your inventory provide complete visibility of all your business IT assets? Have you lost track of your current IT equipment? Our comprehensive auditing service gives your business the transparency and assurance to help you manage your IT assets more efficiently. A&O IT takes away the hassle of logging, tracking and tracing business-owned IT assets so you can focus on running your business.

Hard Audits

Our teams of experts can run a hard audit on all your equipment using our unique software, FieldView. We physically go to each location and manually scan your infrastructure to compile a comprehensive inventory of all your equipment. We can also guide you and make recommendations on effectively managing business-owned IT assets and maintaining an up-to-date inventory.


Wireless Surveys

BYOD (or Bring Your Own Device) has opened up business IT networks so employees can be fully mobile. Managing network access permissions for privately-owned devices has become more challenging. An A&O IT wireless audit can provide a comprehensive review of who and what are connected to your business networks. We can help you control access, upgrade policies and manage potential network vulnerabilities.